Various projects

In addition we were able to help many handicapped persons and people with a bad state of help. Among other things we equipped three shops which are now held by Anand, a blind man, Gaura, a girl with a polio-disability and a poor widow.

Gaura Widowin Gudelpara Anand 

Likewise thanks to donations several patients got an operation and treatment in hospital. These people would never have been able to pay for their treatment.

We were able to give over 50 goats to families having no animals and this is a gift of immense worth for them.


Supplementary I would like to mention the distribution of clothes collected and given by different institutions and individuals from Liechtenstein and sent to India by “together”. Among the clothes were a lot of plush animals which we gave to the children in the villages. The joy of the children is hardly to imagine when they held their first toy in their hands.

It is difficult to express all the joy and gratitude of the people. For all of us it was deeply impressing how you can bring joy and help with so little money.

Katharina, Brother Alok and Manuela sorting the clothes Barbara´s trying on a new outfit
New dressed children in Mukumpura First toy...

Further projects

On the mission we started with the building of a new cow barn in 2004. We renovated the existing barn which is now used as a sleeping room for the hostel children. An additional project for the future is the building of a new dormitory. At the moment 130 little boys, 110 big boys and 90 girls share separate sleeping rooms.
In springtime 2005 we started with the renovation of these sleeping rooms. They were all painted and the sanitary and electrical installations were renewed. In 2007 we also could start to build a new hostel-room for the bigger boys, where the circumstances were worst. This building is now almost finished and should be opened in spring 2008. 
To improve the situation in the sleeping rooms itself, "together" provided new sleeping mattresses for all hostel children in 2006. Before the children had to sleep on the naked floor and this was especially in wintertime very cold and uncomfortable.


Finished new cow stable in Dattigaon New made sleeping room
Former situation in the bathroom Guido distributes new mattresses

...and after

We – and especially the children on the mission – were extremely pleased that we had the possibility to open a small library and a game lending. The children can lend books from Sunday to Sunday. This supports not only the education but also the joy of reading. The games can be lent every day what the children eagerly do.

Master Thomas and Barbara at the library and game cupboard

To support further education we organized four typewriters. The children were very interested in the typewriters because being able to type is important to get a job in an office. To learn typing on a computer was too expensive to offer. An additional problem with computers is that due to the frequent power failures the mission has only current for a few hours a day. 

To mention is also that we had the tractor of the mission for service. Now they can use it again and it is a valuable help for different work (work in the fields, transport of firewood, sand, cement and other materials for building work and furniture for remote villages).

Especially seeds are extremely vital for the villagers. To buy seeds they lend money from shopkeepers or big landowners with exessive interests. Due to these bad deals they get in a hopeless dependence without any chance to escape. No wonder that the poor farmers (almost all of them are illiterates) become real slaves of these criminals who demand 100 % to 200 % interest p.a..

Open well, in the background cornfield from our provided seeds

Last but not least Barbara Stoeckel bought 50 hens for the children on the mission during her stay in 2005. Since then the children can have a meal with eggs every third day. This is a very important staple food for growing children. 

„Barbara’s chicken“ Kalu, the „chicken master“

As you can see in this short report, our work in and around Dattigaon-Mission is far from an end. From our point of view we had a very good start and realized some very useful and partly even essential projects. For our further support – and the people there count on us and put all their hope in us – we depend on donations. We hope that  we can continue our work, to complete current projects and check them on a regular basis with your generous help and support.

Together with you
 we would like to try and help the people there to live a decent human life.

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