Health care


Patients are called for a pre examination  
Examination of a baby  Food for the patients "indian style"
Waiting for treatment…  
Patients get registered...

Surgery camps are big public events and people are called to take the possibility for a pre examination. Children who are suffering from a disability of polio or burnings have first priority. From hundreds of cases around 50 of the worst are chosen afterwards to be operated by a surgeon team from Calcutta for free. This offer is only for very poor families, with very low income and without the financial background to get this treatment. The surgeons work for free at these camps. The costs for medicine, bandages and dressing material, food, accomodation and further support are taken by "together".

In the operating room  
The OP team with a doctor from Hungary Patient with her family and Father Sylvester
Newly fixed calipers  Operated children

The camps are held once or twice a year, depending on our financial situation or on the chance to find a supporter for a camp. The average cost for one operation is around 150.- Swiss francs (=5000.- indian rupees). For an operated child it is quite a low price for a new life...


Eye camps

Beside the surgery camps another support is given to cataract patients in form of  the regularly held "eye camps". These camps work the same way like the surgery camps; in the first step people get informed about the event, then patients suffering from cataract will be operated after an examination for free. This support is also for poor people only and the costs are shared by "together" (15.- Swiss francs) and the "international sightsavers" (23.- Swiss francs per operation). At the last "mega camp" in February 2007, 350 patients were operated and cured from their blindness.

Information event Pre examination
Further examinations…  
In the operating room  
Operated patients with glasses for sun protection  

Support for the Mission Hospital

After a very generous financial support of one of our donors (the Medicor Foundation) we are going to buy new equipment for the the Jeevan Jyoti Mission Hospital this year (2008). It is the hospital where the operations of our camps are made and which is very well guided by his director Father Sylvester and well known in the public.

The new equipment was very urgently needed and very important to provide a basic health care with modern facilities. Without these devices and tools working in a hospital here in switzerland would not be possible at all. The pictures of this project will be shown here as soon as possible...


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