Patients have to be brought to the next hospital for further treatment. The nearest hospital is about two hours away. Therefore many patients die before they reach a ward.


Very often seen wounds and infection diseases due to malnutrition and a lack of hygiene

Thanks to generous donations three wards could have been installed by "together" meanwhile. Already existing rooms on the mission and in the village Vanya Munki were furnished and equipped with medical gadgets and medicine. In the village Amba a building owned by the mission was renovated and equipped. A very well-trained nurse from the Mission Dattigaon looks after the two first mentioned wards. In Amba another nurse is employed, because the village is too far away from to mission. The engagement of a doctor was very difficult since no doctor would like to live in this very remote area. Fortunately we found a doctor from a nearby city in 2007 who is now visiting the patients in our wards on three days per week.

We would like to mention that in one year after finishing our dispensaries more than 1200 patients have been treated in our wards and in the ward on Dattigaon-Mission more than 20 babies have been born. This shows the necessity of this ward. Most of the patients have no money for medicine or treatment and therefore would not be admitted to a public hospital. “together” bears the deficit of the three wards with the help of our donor "revitrust". Revitrust covers all monthly costs for all three dispensaries for the next three years. The total expenses come to 1000.- Swiss francs per month for staff, medicine, treatment and transport. In addition we consider building a separate building on the mission where a little hospital could be equipped.

Building the dispensary in Amba Finished dispensary
Christoph at the opening Chief Mesa, Christoph and builder Mangu
Patients in the new ward Sister Marianna in front of the pharmacy
 Dispensary in the Mission of Dattigaon  Sister Marianna at work in Vanya Munki

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