A very important matter of "together" for the education of the children in the villages is the teaching in local places. Most of the children in the villages will never go to school and have to work with their parents from very early age. The parents often have no time to look after the children because of the hard field work they are doing. Due to this lack of attention the children have very limited vocabulary and no knowledge about basic hygiene and health care at all. These circumstances cause a lot of problems like diseases, malnutrition and illiteracy.

To solve some of these basic problemes and to prepare the children for the primary school, "together" is running five Kindergardens in different villages. With simple games and songs the children get a fundamental knowledge of hygiene and cleanness, learn the letters and numbers and improve their vocabulary. The costs for maintenance amount to around 60.- Swiss francs per month per Kindergarden for school materials and the teacher.

The classes in all villages were held in private houses or even outside in two places. With the generous help of our donors we were able to
start in 2005 to build up the first simple Kindergarden-house in the village of Amlipara. In the year 2008 the other four buildings will be finished, so that all our Kindergarden classes can move in their own rooms...

Kindergarden Amlipara (outside, without shelter) Visiting the Kindergarden in Mukumpura
Our new Kindergarden in Amlipara... ...supported by the community of Vaduz
During the lesson... During the lesson...