An overview of our projects.

As mentioned the shortage of water is one of the biggest problems. Therefore first priority was to dig wells. Fortunately, we were supported generously by many donors and therefore we could start to build the first wells in 2004.

Biological cultivation

Because of the fact that most of the villagers live direct from farming and depend on agriculture, a help in this particular space is very important for "together". The districts of Dhar and Jhabua comprises of hundreds of widely scattered villages where the people live as self-supporting farmers without land.

A very important matter of "together" for the education of the children in the villages is the teaching in local places. Most of the children in the villages will never go to school and have to work with their parents from very early age. The parents often have no time to look after the children because of the hard field work they are doing. Due to this lack of attention the children have very limited vocabulary and no knowledge about basic hygiene and health care at all. These circumstances cause a lot of problems like diseases, malnutrition and illiteracy.

Surgery camps

"together" supports regularly held surgery camps, beside the direct help for many single persons in need of medical treatment, financial help to cover costs for medicine or a stay in the hospital.

Da die Missionsstationen zwar auch auf dem Land inmitten der Adivasi-Dörfer liegen, ist es doch von vielen der Dörfer zu weit und auch zu gefährlich für die Kinder, den Schulweg jeden Tag auf's Neue zurück zu legen. Deshalb ist eine geeignete Unterkunft in den Missionsstationen für die Kinder ebenso wichtig, wie die Schule selbst.

The lack of medical support was another concern of the villagers. The nearest medical ward is on the mission. From some remote villages the mission is a day trip away since there are no public transportation or just streets that are closed for traffic. But even in the ward on the mission only a basic treatment can be offered.

In this region of India all meals are prepared on wood fire and therefore wood gets a rare good in this area. The deforestation is one of the reasons for the drying out of this region known for its water shortage. We have tried to find alternatives to cooking with wood.

One of our main projects was the building of a primary school for the 400 children on Dattigaon-Mission. Thanks to generous donations we were able to collect 40´000.- Swiss francs. This is the total amount of the new building. We were very happy to start with the work in springtime 2004...

Sponsorship / Help for individuals

An important request from Father Edward is the support of the students who are studying medicine or law or who are serving an apprenticeship to a mechanic or a nurse. We would like to realize this support with personal sponsorship and can provide concrete informations about the students.